Satanic Rituals in America

Rense & Linda Stone – Satanic Rituals in America

While I really don’t like these concepts because is technology in my field to deal with these, I post this and draw the viewer’s attention to the background wall board upon which critical information is written regarding chemtrails.  I find it interesting that this is embedded within this presentation rather than being featured.

Nonetheless, I think the presentation intertwines several key psychological concepts and events including “False Memory Syndrome” and mentions the Martin case.  It is a lot of information passed on in a seemingly innocuous manner; however, this is very disturbing material. 

Furthermore, I do not appreciate the anti-gun message embedded (implied) on the wall board running in the background.  Still, there are interesting factors such as the numbers of dead and wounded by Major Nidal Hasan, Army psychiatrist.  His weapon contained 20 rounds yet 42 were wounded on top of the 13 killed indicating cross fire or “friendly fire” which was never reported.

Finally, to attribute all of those horrible crimes to “mind control”  due to satanic ritual abuse is ludicrous! 

Linda Stone’s book is available at:

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